Tri training is a go!

I had an MRI this week. It turns out I sprained my ACL and may have a slight cartilage tear, but my doctor isn’t concerned about the tear because I’m not feeling pain from it and thinks the ACL is treatable through therapy rather than surgery. I’m thrilled about that. He said to avoid sports like tennis, basketball and soccer and to stick with continuous one-directional-motion sports like swimming, biking and running. Works for me! So I’ll be starting my one-on-one program with Jamie on December 1. Until then, I need to just get moving again.

This morning Michelle and I went to a spin class. It was my first since workout since my bike ride with Poppe this past weekend. It was tough. The instructor said something about consistency being the focus when building a base, which is what I expect I’ll be doing with Jamie earlier on in the program. I need to not have weeks like this one again. Consistency, consistency, consistency…

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