Somehow it’s the end of November.

I don’t know what happened, but November is practically gone. It’s been an amazing month.

I’m back to training supplemented with some strength/rehab knee exercises. My sisters and I ran the Turkey Trot yesterday, which felt great. Tonight, I plan to hit the gym for a treadmill workout. Tomorrow I’ll either swim and do a spin class or join Fred’s group for a ride, depending on the weather and what I’m in the mood for. Sunday, Caroline and I are doing a 10 miler together. It’ll be fun. I’m loving being active again, and I can see that my legs and body are starting to take shape again. Finally!

This month has been wonderful for another reason. I’m in major clean out mode. I’m cleaning out closets, drawers, pantries, my refrigerator, everything. I’m lightening my load and replacing old, outdated things with new and fresh ones. I’m pretty excited about how it’s all playing out.

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