Happy New Year!

So I’ve taken my resolution to slow down and be less planned very seriously. On New Year’s Eve, I opted to come home early and hang out with Bread and Butter. We went to bed early, and I woke up feeling pretty fresh this morning. Staying home was a good decision on my part.

I started out the new year with a swim at Nitro followed by a five mile run with Caroline. I have to say that it was the perfect morning. I love that I started the day with a solid workout. Plus, I enjoyed being with Caroline, Bill and the kids. Then I went out to Henly and took a nap, read a book, and ate a couple of meals. That was it. I meant to get thank you notes and various other little projects done, but no. I slept, ate and read. It was lovely.

I hope everyone enjoyed the first day of 2009 as much as I did. Happy new year to you all!

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