So far so good.

I took Friday off. Saturday I did a bike ride with Poppe through heavy winds. Then on Sunday, Caroline and I ran for about 65 minutes. It was bitter cold but still fun. I took today off too. Tomorrow I swim in the morning and do yoga in the evening. It should be a good day.

I was looking back at my workouts preCoeur d’Alene and was somewhat astonished as to how much working out I was able to get in to each day. I don’t know how I kept up that intensity level, but somehow I did. I’d like to be that focused again. It’s time.

I need two half Ironman races this year. I don’t know yet what I’m doing in May, but I think Vineman will be my July race. Catherine is already registered, and the timing works out for my schedule, so I think it’s a good option. I’d like to get that firmed up during the next week or so.

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