This one is a mixed bag.

I had a good week of workouts last week. The best was a swim where we did 40 25s as hard as we could. My times ranged from 18 to 20 seconds. I tried for 17 but never saw it. Still, it was a good hard workout. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

On Sunday, Caroline and I did a 20 mile race. I did miserably for reasons totally of my own making. I went out to the Spoke on Saturday night and ended up staying out until after 1 am. Plus I had something to drink and didn’t take in much food the whole day. I made it to the starting line, but I was hurting. From the first step, it was hard, and I fell back from Caroline just a few miles in. It was pitiful. I finished the race but my time was roughly an hour longer than it should have been. I was angry at myself for blowing a big race like that.

This evening I worked out with Jake. I hadn’t had a session with him since before my surgery, so it was good to be back with him. We did upper body work since I “ran” yesterday.

Tomorrow, I’ll swim in the morning and run in the evening. I’m still a little tired from being out late both Saturday and Sunday nights. I need to get myself to bed soon. Like now.

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