The 3M half marathon was fun.

I ran the half this morning with Caroline. We kept a 12 minute pace and had a good time. I was thrilled, especially considering how little I have worked out these past couple of weeks. I went six straight days with no workouts. Then this week, I ran with Jenny on Thursday and did a treadmill run and short swim yesterday. That’s been it. I just haven’t felt well these last couple of weeks. But today I felt great. Today, I felt like myself again. I’m so glad.

The fun thing to report is that I’m all set for Canada. Tickets are purchased. The car rental is scheduled. And as of a couple of days ago, I have a motel! I was on every waiting list I could find, so I’m thrilled. The motel I got is on the bike course and is within walking distance of transition. Plus, it easily sleeps four and has a kitchen. And the guy I’ve been emailing seems extremely nice. Now I just need to get the training done.

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