February has been good so far.

I just had a nice morning. It started with a run with Caroline and was followed by a late breakfast with Jeanie.

The run was wonderful. We ran 5 miles and did a couple of hard spurts where we were running at a 10 minute and 10:30 pace, which for me is fast. It was humid out, so Carol and I felt like we had just taken a shower. But it felt good. I felt strong and grateful for my health and the ability to go for a run.

After that, I went home and cleaned up. Then I met Jeanie at Kerbey Lane. We had a nice time for a couple of hours, and then I followed her to her home, which is new. It was fun to see her new space and get to spend some real time with her. It reminded me that training has lots of benefits. It’s not just about the training. It’s also about the friends we make along the way. And Jeanie is a special one.

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