Can it really be March 20?

Just a short while ago, August 30 was forever away. Suddenly it’s less than five and a half months and I’m in a bit of panic. I haven’t worked out as much as I’d hoped. I’ve had a dizziness issue that is thus far without explanation. It’s hard to swim bike and run when you have to hold your head up and try not to puke. It’s like a perpetual state of crazy drunkenness without the alcohol. I need it to stop.

Here’s the plan for the weekend. Tomorrow morning, I’ll do a track workout. Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll ride or spin. Sunday morning Poppe and I are riding. Sunday late afternoon I’ll go for a run followed by an easy swim. I need my head to allow for this.

Three days with no workout makes me grumpy.

This week has not gone as planned. I’ve missed three days of workouts. But tomorrow will be better. I’m swimming in the morning and running in the evening. I can’t wait.

One bit of news is that I signed up for the Davis Mountains Fitness Camp during the first week of August. I was a little nervous about it, but found out that one of my Nitro friends is the activities manager, so I’ll know at least one very friendly person. That makes me very happy.

What a weekend!

I’ve been a little down, but this weekend went a long way towards lifting my spirits and getting me in gear. I had intended to ride and run on Saturday and then run on Sunday, but Saturday was ridiculously windy, so I stayed indoors. I went to Nitro for a swim, followed that with a spin class, and then hit the treadmill with Jeanie. It was a great little mini tri and a nice long morning. Then early this morning, Poppe and I hit trainers for two hours. We had hoped to ride outside, but it was in the thirties this morning, so we stayed indoors. All in all, though I missed actually being out on the bike, it was a nice way to workout. I feel like I got two solid days in.

As a side note, I’ve been doing the plank after my gym workouts. Yesterday I did it for 1 minute and 10 seconds. I’d like to work back up to 3 minutes.

I’m exactly six months out from Canada. It’s time to get serious – to set all distractions aside. I need to focus myself more and reserve my time for training. I’m thinking about getting an iPod and spending more time after work on the trails. I’m working on finding a weekday morning where I can go for a short ride to get an extra ride in each week. I’m also working on the strength training issue. Six months. That’s it.