What a weekend!

I’ve been a little down, but this weekend went a long way towards lifting my spirits and getting me in gear. I had intended to ride and run on Saturday and then run on Sunday, but Saturday was ridiculously windy, so I stayed indoors. I went to Nitro for a swim, followed that with a spin class, and then hit the treadmill with Jeanie. It was a great little mini tri and a nice long morning. Then early this morning, Poppe and I hit trainers for two hours. We had hoped to ride outside, but it was in the thirties this morning, so we stayed indoors. All in all, though I missed actually being out on the bike, it was a nice way to workout. I feel like I got two solid days in.

As a side note, I’ve been doing the plank after my gym workouts. Yesterday I did it for 1 minute and 10 seconds. I’d like to work back up to 3 minutes.

I’m exactly six months out from Canada. It’s time to get serious – to set all distractions aside. I need to focus myself more and reserve my time for training. I’m thinking about getting an iPod and spending more time after work on the trails. I’m working on finding a weekday morning where I can go for a short ride to get an extra ride in each week. I’m also working on the strength training issue. Six months. That’s it.

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