It’s raining, it’s pouring…

It has rained all stinkin‘ day long. We were supposed to do a brick workout with Texas Iron tomorrow but rain is in the forecast for then too, so it was canceled. So now the plan for tomorrow is a long run followed by a short swim in the morning and then a short run in the evening. And with any luck, the weather will clear for Sunday, and I can do a long ride then.

Ironman Florida 70.3 is four weeks again. Ironman Canada is four and a half months away. Time is short. I’m happy to be focused again – focused and feeling better. I had a rough early part of the week, but my dizziness has subsided. I felt so good last weekend that I did a road ride with Jeanie last Saturday. We did fifty two miles from Parmer to Andice. I went into the little Andice general store to buy some Fig Newtons. They were 69 cents, but the clerk wouldn’t take my ten dollar bill. Instead, he pulled 69 cents from the change cup. It was sweet. Very sweet. I look forward to riding out to Andice again.

Pray for good weather this weekend. That’s what I’m doing this evening. Good night.