Oh Canada.

As of this morning, I won’t be racing in Canada.

I’ve been having what I thought was a dairy intolerance issue for the past four or five months. When it got too frequent and too painful, I went to a doctor (about a month ago). I learned last week it’s a gall bladder issue, and I learned this morning that, given the frequency and severity of what I’m dealing with, the surgeon doesn’t recommend waiting until after the race to have the surgery to remove it. I scheduled the surgery for this week, which blows my ability to do the race.

Part of me feels like a big ninny for not gambling by waiting until after the race to have the procedure, But I’m afraid that with my luck, something would go wrong, here or in Canada, and I’d be dealing with something much more complicated than a simple gall bladder removal. I may be following the advice of a too conservative doctor, but right this minute, based on the doctor’s advice, that seems like the right thing to do. Lesson learned: if you hurt, go to the doctor quickly. Had I gone just a little sooner, I would have missed a couple of weeks of training but could have recovered in time to do the race.

I’m hopeful to still travel to Canada to cheer Kerstin and others on and enjoy that part of the world and check out the course and maybe sign up for next year? Is it ridiculous to consider St. George and Canada next year? They are four full months apart. I just feel like I got super lucky to get into this race at all, so I hate the blow a chance to sign up on site for next year. I welcome your thoughts on that.

Anyway, that’s the scoop. Thanks for all your support and encouragement and companionship on the long rides. Especially you, Jeanie, for the double dam loop. I wish I had handled the last few months differently but I’m trying to remind myself that things could be much worse. All in all, I’m a very lucky person to have health, strength, and the friendship and support of folks like you.

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