The surgery is done.

I had my gallbladder removed yesterday, and, after one night at the hospital, I am home. It was an experience. Last time I had surgery, the anesthesia was a breeze. This time I was nauseous beyond belief. For a solid two hours after I woke up, I couldn’t see straight, and I must have thrown up at least four times. It was miserable. Other than that, the surgery was fine. I’m glad it’s behind me, and I’m happy to be home. Now, the focus is recovery and getting back to training.

One thing I learned in this process is that I really am healthy. My heart rate after the surgery was 48 beats per minute, which worried the nurse even though I told her that I’ve often been told I have a low heart rate. She ran some test on me to make sure I was getting enough oxygen and that test, whatever it was, came out to 99%. That gave her some assurance not to worry, but she apparently still called the doctor at home to be sure. I guess she wasn’t used to seeing heart rates like mine.

It’s also interesting to me that I don’t need any pain medication. I have four small incisions on my stomach, and they just don’t hurt. I feel good. Again, I think that has everything to do with being healthy.

I’m thankful for my sport that has brought me to such health. And I’m thankful to Dr. Livingston for helping me through this procedure. And I look forward to walking for the next few days and then going for a run next week. Now that my gall bladder is gone, I shouldn’t have painful nights of being awake for hours on end, so I think my workouts will be easier to wake up for in the mornings.

My focus is shifting now to St. George.

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