I’m hanging out with Buttercup, thinking about what’s next.

Butter and I are recovering on the couch today. I’ve been reading and doing some stuff online, and she’s been nestled with me all afternoon. Cats really are loving little creatures. I cannot imagine life without mine.

I checked online a while ago and learned that my friend, Cindy, finished a 100 mile trail running race in Colorado. Can you imagine? 100 miles on foot. I don’t know how long it took her, but the course limit was 30 hours. That’s astonishing to me. She’s amazing.

Another friend, Jamie, had to back out 60 miles into the race. I can’t imagine that either. He hurt his IT band. I’m heartbroken for him, but also thoroughly impressed because he posted updates about his own disappointment while at the same time applauding others who did finish. He’s got such an incredible heart, such a generous spirit. I don’t know him that well and haven’t known him that long, but I was drawn to him because he seems like a genuinely nice guy, despite having every reason in the world to be an arrogant bastard. He proven that again with his response to disappointment.

I can’t imagine training for 100 miles on foot. There’s always something bigger out there to conquer, isn’t there? A sprint may seem too much, but then there’s an olympic distance. An olympic race may seem daunting, but then you think in terms of a half ironman. Once you’ve done a half, you think in terms of an ironman distance event. But then there’s the ultraman and 50 and 100 mile road races and so many other events that I can’t being to imagine taking on.

I feel really lucky to have fallen into crowds of friends who are expanding my vision of what’s possible. Canada wasn’t it for me this time. But there’s St. George. And maybe Canada next year. And maybe I could work towards an insanely long road race. Maybe I could be faster on foot and finish one of those crazy endurance events. Maybe I could be a trail runner. Why not? The people around me are showing me every day that anything is possible. Even if things aren’t going the way I want them to today (surgery, my pace, etc.), it could all change tomorrow.

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