I’m home from Canada.

I watched Ironman Canada 2009. That’s not big news. I signed up for Ironman Canada 2010. That’s the big news.

It was hard to watch when I wanted to be in the race. But I’m glad I went. Mom and I ended up volunteering. As folks came in from the bike, I ran their bikes and racked them. Mom stood in a line of volunteers directing athletes to their T2 bags. It was hard work and eye opening. Some of those bikes comes back absolutely filthy. We wore gloves to handle the bikes, and they were necessary. Very necessary. I have a whole new appreciation for volunteers at these races.

We watched some Texas Iron folks finish. We also watched the finish line for the last hour. The energy of that place is astonishing. I couldn’t help but sign up for next year, even though I already have a race scheduled for May 1. I’ll manage.

Mom and I drove the bike course the day before the race. At a gas station along the route, we met a family whose dad was racing his third Ironman this year. He’s trying to qualify for Ironman Hawaii for his 60th birthday. I figure if he can do three in one year, then I should be able to manage two. It’s a challenge of a slightly different variety. I suspect it’ll be more mental than physical.

Here’s to 2010.

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