From Canada to Dripping Springs.

I’ve moved to Dripping Springs. It’s the cutest, most wonderful house ever. And tonight is my first night to have Internet access in this new place. I didn’t have phone, television or Internet access for ten days. Now I’ve got it all. I’m a little torn about it. I was enjoying the silence and the productivity that comes with having none of those things. It has its down side though. I missed some drama in the U.S. Open. I also missed whatever coverage there might have been about Patrick Swayze’s death. Now, I’m connected to the “world” again.

So – new house. Now I need a new routine. I haven’t done much training. Actually, I haven’t done any training. I did go to DC this past weekend to do the swim leg of the Nation’s Tri. That was fun, and a bit of a workout. But other than that, I’ve done no working out. That needs to change.

I’m debating doing the Longhorn Tri. Would getting that on my calendar kick things into high gear? Yup.

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