I’m ready for a new beginning.

It’s the middle of October.  The Texas Mamma Jamma Ride Against Breast Cancer 2009 is behind me.  It was, by all counts, a tremendous success.  We exceeded our goals for number of riders and for fundraising.  We more than exceeded them.  We smoked them.  And the money continues to come in.  It was such a gift to be part of that effort.  I’m hopeful I’ll be invited to help with it again next year.  Mark you calendars for September 25, 2010.

With the 2009 event behind me, I’ve ready to look ahead to my next big race.  It’s the Goofy Challenge in January.    I’ll be running a half marathon on a Saturday followed by a marathon the next day.  Sound goofy?  That’s the idea.  At least the race organizers have a sense of humor.

Tonight Poppe and I went for an easy three mile run.  The run needs to become a regular part of most of my coming days.  I need to run to get ready for this race.  I need to run to regain my fitness.  I need to run to clear my head.  It can only help.

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