Ford Ironman World Championship 2010?

I just watched a recording of the 2009 World Championships.  I watched a double leg amputee miss the bike cutoff by 5 minutes.  I watched a woman who couldn’t walk two years ago due to a stroke cross the finish line.  I watched Chrissie Wellington win her third straight World Championship.  So inspiring.  Watching people have to stop brought me to tears.  Watching people finish also brought me to tears.  What an event.  I’m totally fearful of a saltwater swim – an ocean swim – and I’m already signed up for two races next year, but I still was inspired to enter the lottery.  Lunacy?  Yes.  But as one person said during the recording, “This may feel like death, but this is life.”  So true.  So very true.

December 13? St. George is just four and a half months away!

I had two good runs this weekend, both on a treadmill.  Yesterday, the weather was crummy.  Today, I went late in the day and didn’t want to run into the darkness.  I’m feeling pretty strong.  I don’t have the long runs under my belt to feel good about a January marathon, but I’m doing it.  As long as I don’t injure myself, I’ll be okay with it.  I think I’m trained enough not to cause an injury.

St. George is right around the corner.  I need to get back in the pool.  Mostly though, I need to get myself up earlier in the mornings so I can do longer workouts before work.  I’ve been sleeping in a lot and then abbreviating my morning workouts.  I need to embrace mornings again like I used to.   St. George is right around the corner.