December 13? St. George is just four and a half months away!

I had two good runs this weekend, both on a treadmill.  Yesterday, the weather was crummy.  Today, I went late in the day and didn’t want to run into the darkness.  I’m feeling pretty strong.  I don’t have the long runs under my belt to feel good about a January marathon, but I’m doing it.  As long as I don’t injure myself, I’ll be okay with it.  I think I’m trained enough not to cause an injury.

St. George is right around the corner.  I need to get back in the pool.  Mostly though, I need to get myself up earlier in the mornings so I can do longer workouts before work.  I’ve been sleeping in a lot and then abbreviating my morning workouts.  I need to embrace mornings again like I used to.   St. George is right around the corner.

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