Goofy Challenge? Check.

Jeanie and I traveled to Disney World this weekend to race in the Goofy Challenge.  We ran a half marathon on Saturday and a full marathon on Sunday.  The half awarded a Donald Duck medal.  The full awarded a Mickey Mouse medal.  We got a Goofy medal for doing both.  Hence the Goofy Challenge.  And we did it!

We had a wonderful weekend running, eating, napping, and meeting new people.  We met a woman named Mari who also did both races and then was moving on to Bermuda to run another marathon this coming weekend.  She was a good spirit and much fun to get to know over the weekend.  Also, each morning, the three of us shared our shuttle with two different guys, Chris and Chip.  Both were kind and fun.  I’m reminded that people who do these events have the capacity to be some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

Speaking of meeting folks, I met Team Hoyt.  They are a father and son team who do runs and triathlons together.  Rick has cerebral palsy, so his father handles the physical aspect of the races.  Rick seems to be the spirit and heart of the effort.  I noticed two things about Dick Hoyt.  One is that he is not a very large man.  He is shorter than I expected.  I don’t know how he races as fast as he does with pulling, carrying and pushing the weight of a second grown man.  The Hoyts are a phenomenal story.  I also noticed that Dick Hoyt has incredibly kind eyes.  I feel blessed to have gotten to meet them.

Also, once again, I learned that running is an issue of mind over matter.  I was wholly untrained for this event.  My longest run in the two months leading up to this weekend was seven miles.  Just seven.  But somehow I got through both races with little difficulty.  I was slow, but no slower than usual.  I was actually a bit faster than I was in the last Austin marathon I did.  I actually felt pretty good.  So I think this means I can do just about anything, which is a great thing to know.  My body can withstand quite a beating and stretching.  Still, I think it would be a good idea to rely a bit more on my body and a little less on my mind. 

Next stop – St. George.

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