Week #11 of Ironman training – coming up.

Tomorrow starts week 11 of a 24 week program.  It’s a week to build before I hit a recovery week.  Here is the plan for the week:

Monday:  Off
Tuesday: Swim (am), Stationary Bike (am), Treadmill Run (am)
Wednesday: Swim (am), Stationary Bike (am)
Thursday: Weights (am), Run (pm)
Friday: Swim (am), Treadmill Run (am)
Saturday: Long Run (am)
Sunday: Long Bike (pm), Transition Run (pm)

To get this done this week, I’ll have to get an early start each morning.  My pool opens at 5:30.  I need to be there and be ready to swim at that time.  I’m out of my habit of getting up before the sun, so this week will challenge me, not just in terms of the build, but also in terms of reestablishing my training schedule.

St. George is just over 3 months away.  That’s nothing.  I’m still heavier than I want to be, and I’m counting on shedding that weight as I increase my training.  I was 123 when we weighed in for Coeur d’Alene.  I’d like to be there or even a bit lighter come St. George.

I’ve still got plenty of work ahead of me.  I’m ready for it.

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