I have found my new swim program.

When I moved to Dripping Springs, I lost my swim program.  I had been at Nitro in Cedar Park and absolutely loved it.  When I moved down here, I swam a little alone at the Y.  Then I focused on running and stopped swimming altogether.  But it’s been on my mind to get back in the pool, so last week, I got in the water alone.  This morning, I went to a swim program at the Circle C pool.  There were maybe 20 or so of us.  We swam 3200, I think.  It was hard for me because I couldn’t feel the water at all.  I could only feel my heart pounding in my chest the whole time.  It was fun though.  Really fun.  I’m glad I found them.  I know I couldn’t do that kind of workout on my own, so I’m in.  I’m joining.  Today.

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