My body is sore this week.  Normally, I would taper for a marathon, but I’m treating tomorrow’s marathon as a training run.  My volume this week wasn’t terribly high, but the workouts were tough.  I did three hard swims, two moderate runs, two hard lifting sessions, and two hours of biking on a trainer, including four hard ten minute intervals.  My intention was and is to run on somewhat unfresh legs in the morning.  So far I’m on track, as my legs feel unfresh.

I’m actually mentally excited about this race.  Last year, I had an emotional meltdown on the Great Northern part of the run.  True to our friendship, Jeanie was on that part of the course and helped encourage me out of it.  Last year, I felt weak and desperate to finish.  I’m confident this year will be different.  I know I’m in better shape, and I’m coming off a marathon from just over a month ago so I have a little mental boost from having done this distance recently.  I want my results to show me to be significantly stronger than where I was this time last year.

Come to think of it – just that I’m excited is progress.  Yay me!

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