Love hurts.

That was the slogan for the Austin Marathon today.  I thought it was pretty clever.

I had a good day today.  I felt the weight of my workouts this week, particularly during the second half of my race.  But I still managed to be twenty minutes faster than I was last year, so I’m pleased.  I’m still slow (at nearly six hours), but the goal today was to prove myself stronger than where I was a year ago, and I did that. 

Two marathons down for the year, and one more to go.  That’s NYC.  I’m thinking that I’ll try to find a training group for the NYC marathon.  I think having people to consistently do long runs with would be good for me. 

For now, my focus shifts to getting on the bike as much as possible to prepare for St. George.  I’d like to improve my bike time, despite the tougher course.  I feel stronger on the bike, and I think the indoor trainer workouts have actually helped strengthen me, but I’d like to increase my volune both on the bike and on the road (verses the trainer).  Just 11 weeks to go!

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