Must get to sleep…

I’ve had a hard time getting to bed early this week.  The Olympics are keeping me up!  Right now I’m watching men’s figure skating.  I don’t know these folks. I don’t know the back stories.  But I watched the leading American skate a beautiful program, so now I need to watch the last two skaters before I can call it a night.  Otherwise it would be like watching General Hospital except for the closing hook.  That would just feel all wrong.

But, no matter how late I stay awake, I must get up in the morning to swim.  I skipped Monday and and Wednesday to give my body a rest after the marathon.  I did walk and lift on Tuesday, and I ran and lifted today, but that’s an astonishingly light week for me.  A good hard swim is just what I need.

By the way, the Japanese skater just had a skate lace problem that forced him to stop his program.  He fixed it and finished beautifully with no problem.  It was an unusual bit of drama that I’m glad I didn’t miss.  Now, just one more skater and I can call it a night.  Oh wait, I was wrong.  I thought we were down to the final three, but we weren’t.

Looks like I’ll be up a bit longer…

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