I think I’ve worn myself out.

I did a two and a half hour ride in the hill country today.  It’s a course I’ve ridden a number of times, but today I felt every single hill.  I think my legs are worn.  I’m hopeful that my legs were tired because I ran late yesterday afternoon.  I usually run in the mornings, which gives me almost 24 hours of recovery time before the next workout, but because of a day-long meeting, I had to make a scheduling adjustment. 

Though it may have affected my workout today, yesterday’s run felt great.  I did 7 miles in an hour and twenty minutes.  I ran the Mopac to 35 loop on Lady Bird Lake.  It felt effortless, which is rare for me when I’m running.  I know I pushed myself, but my body was happy the whole time.  That’s a great feeling.

This was a lighter weekend.  Next weekend, I’m doing a half iron distance training workout with Jeanie.  We’re reviving the B&B 70.3, which Jeanie sweetly named after Bread and Butter.  I’m not sure where we’ll swim, bike or run, but we’ll figure it out.  After the half iron distance on Saturday, I plan to run on Sunday.  That’ll be a challenge for my legs, but I’m looking forward to it.  The weekend will be a test of where I am right now.  May 1 is closer than we think!

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