Five days. No workouts.

It’s painful to do nothing for five days.  The last hard workout I did was on Thursday.  I ran and did a solid lifting session that left me sore on Friday.  But Friday, I woke up sick, and I’ve been sick since.  I was hopeful that I’d kick the crud today so that I could swim tomorrow, but the crud’s winning.  I think part of my problem is that I’ve been stressed at work.  Stress brings my defenses down.  I don’t sleep as well.  My body suffers.  I need improvement.  Now.

The good news is that I really miss the training.  I’m hungry to get back to it.  Sometimes when I take a break, I love the lifestyle of not training.  I get used to the extra time in my schedule, and it’s hard to put training back in to my days.  This time, I’m missing the physical activity and I am anxious to gt myself working out again.  With any luck, the crud will go away over night, I’ll take one more day off, and I’ll be back to normal workout mode by Thursday.  From my fingertips to God’s ears…

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