No B&B 70.3 for me today.

I had been planning to do the B&B 70.3 today.  It was going to be my trial run half ironman to gauge how ready I am for St. George.  Two things interfered: my health and the weather.  Actually, the interference was primarily my health.  If I felt well, I could have moved the event indoors, but I’ve been advised to limit my exercise to leisurely walking until whatever I have clears.  I’m hopeful that I’ll wake up tomorrow to find it miraculously gone.

Once it clears, I’m going to be a bike fiend.  I’ll be doing spin classes, riding my trainer and hitting the road every chance I get for a couple of weeks.    I need to build my body and my confidence back up.  This forced break from training has rattled me a bit.  I think I can recover from it though.  I just need to feel better first.

I was looking at my finisher’s photo from Coeur d’Alene yesterday.  I showed it to a friend of mine and was reminded of that feeling of being accomplished in a radical way.  Although I feel uncertain right now about St. George, I’m excited to get back to feeling ready and to putting out the kind of energy that day requires.  I’m ready to feel accomplished again.  That’s the carrot in my Ironman training – the feeling at the finish.  That carrot is both chocolate covered and coated with diamonds, if you know what I mean.  I can’t wait.

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