No B&B 70.3, but it was a wonderful day.

Today was one of those days that I would not have and could not have planned.  I had planned to spend the day doing a practice half ironman.  Instead, because I was sick, I spent the day at home.  As it turns out, I seem to have made great strides geting my personal life in order and getting some much needed rest.  I slept in, caught up on magazines, wrote a speech for Toastmasters, took a nap, did my laundry, baked brownies for a potluck, hung out with Mom and Armineh, prepared my area contest materials, watched a movie, and did my taxes.  I also got to love on the cats.  A lot.  It was a lovely day of being at home and getting things done that needed doing.  I suddenly feel on top of things, which is odd for me.  I’m usually about three steps behind.

I don’t remember the last time I spent a full day at home.  Why is that?  Why do I feel the need to book myself up relentlessly?  Why isn’t time at home a regular part of my weekly schedule? Maybe it should be.  Maybe a day like today where I can rest and catch up on home stuff should be a regular part of my schedule every week or couple of weeks.  Can I convince myself to make such a thing a regular life event for me?  It’s worth a try.  I feel fresh right now – fresh and ready to see tomorrow come.  I haven’t felt that way in…I don’t know how long.  Maybe since the night we flew home from Coeur d’Alene?

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