Day 6 of no workouts.

Seriously?  Six days straight?  This feels so very wrong.  And so very right.

Right now, I’m focusing on work and taking care of myself.  I miss the workouts, but I’m glad for the time to take care of other things.  I need that time right now.  I need the time to catch up on my work load and figure out the details of my home life.  And I need the time to write. 

I’ve been doing a lot of writing.  Specifically, I’ve been doing Janet Connor’s method of “deep soul writing.”  She wrote a great book that I read in the fall as part of a workshop I took, but I didn’t get it.  I didn’t understand how to set an intention and write fast and let God speak to me through the writing.  But now I do.  It clicked for me on Saturday, and I’ve been immersed in it since.  In fact, it was during a writing session that I got the message to give myself the grace to skip St. George.  I’m thankful for her book and for the woman who introduced me to it. I’m thankful for the time to explore that method.

I’ll get back to the training very soon, but for now, I work and I write.  Happily.

One thought on “Day 6 of no workouts.

  1. I'm glad you are enjoying your writing. I'm glad you are good with your decisions. I'm glad you are so focused with your life. I'm glad for you. I love you very much.

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