Happy Anniversary to Us!

Two years ago today, Jeanie, Erin, Malinda, Robin and I were racing in Coeur d’Alene.  I can’t speak for the girls who are also mommas, but, for me, I will say that was easily the best day of my life.  It wasn’t an easy day, but it was far-and-away-no-doubt-about-it-beyond-all-stretch-of-the-imagination more wonderful than anything I’ve done before or since.  It’s hard to believe it was two years ago.

Since then, I’m been trying to repeat the experience or, perhaps more accurately, the accomplishment.  Everything – from preparedness to travel to housing to weather to the presence of just the right people – worked so beautifully in Coeur d’Alene that I don’t really ever expect to repeat the experience.  But the accomplishment?  I need that.  I crave it.  I thought I would have three Ironmans under my belt by now, but the last two I signed up for didn’t work out.  In the case of Canada, days off of surgery, my body wasn’t up for it.  In the case of St. George, in the midst of work and busyness, my mind wasn’t up for it.  I’m scheduled to race on August 29.  My body and mind need to come together.  I think they will. 

Right now, my focus is rides, runs, swims and yoga.  I’m doing little else, and I expect to do little else until after I get home from Canada on August 31.  That may sound boring or excessive or [insert your adjective here], but when I think about that more-wonderful-than-anything-I’ve-done-before-or-since experience, I know every moment of training is worth it.  So friends, I apologize for my absence these days, and I invite you to join me for a ride, run, swim or yoga class any time.  In fact, I welcome the company.

Malinda and Robin are traveling to Coeur d’Alene this week to race again on Sunday.  Jeanie is traveling to Buffalo Springs.  I wish you the best, ladies.  I wish you speed.  And to borrow/steal my new favorite phrase from Erin, I wish you a tailwind both ways!

Happy anniversary to us.  May it be one of many.

71 Days to Canada!

I’m happy to report that training is going well.  I’ve been running, swimming, biking and doing yoga with tremendous regularity.  My focus right now is on biking and running.  I rode the Blanco Blast (from Blanco to Stonewall to Luckenbach to Blanco) last weekend with the Austin Cycling Association.  It was hot, and I ran out of water, but a friend who also did the ride came to my aid in his car after he’d finished riding, and I managed to make it home happily.  I’m so lucky to live in the hill country and get to ride in such a beautiful place.

This weekend, I believe I’m doing a Dripping Springs ride, also with the ACA.  Unfortunately, the ride is on Sunday, which means missing church, but I want the miles, so I think I’m going to do it.  I just need to make sure I set aside some time that day, as with every day, to spend time with God too. 

I also want to send prayers and positive vibes to Malinda and Robin, who are returning to Coeur d’Alene next weekend.  I envy you for returning to the place that was so sweet to us in 2008.  Best of luck to you both.  Say hello to that gorgeous town for me.

I planned my week. Hold me to it!

The plan for this week:

Tuesday: spin (am), run (am)
Wednesday: spin (am), swim (am)
Thursday: run (am), yoga (pm)
Friday: yoga (pm)
Saturday: ride (am), run (am), swim (am)
Sunday: run (am), ride (am)

This plan comes from the week 12 schedule in my endurance triathlon book. The schedule is nudging me to visit the Austin Town Lake YMCA to make some spin classes while I try to figure out the YMCA/Lifetime Fitness issue.  If I can make these workouts work, it’ll be a good week.

It’s officially hot in Texas.

It’s not even June yet, and we’re in the mid-90s.  I ran Lady Bird Lake tonight and, but for the shady spots, felt like you could have fried an egg on my body.  It was that hot.  Somehow I’ve got to get through the summer in full training mode. It’s going to be a tough few months.

I mentioned last time that I’m back in the pool.  The pool has only gotten better with each swim.  After my fifteen minutes swim, my next swim was a solid 2 miles in 59 minutes.  I wasn’t racing or even pushing.  I was just swimming, so I feel good about the time.  I’ve done the two mile thing a couple of times since then.  Mostly recently, yesterday.  I went to Founder’s Park because it was too nice out to swim in an indoor pool. Two miles later I had a nice tan to show for the swim.  It was a bit of a burn actually, but by today it’s looking more like a tan. There truly is nothing like an outdoor swim.  I’m considering moving my gym membership to Lifetime Fitness just so I can have regular access to an outdoor pool!  It’s a bit fickle of me, I know, but I do love my outdoor pools.

This past week was light on workouts, but this week will be heavier.  I actually need to sit down and plan the week, which I’m off to do now.  I’ll report back with the week’s schedule, so you guys can keep me accountable.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone.