Revelation Fitness Update 1.2

I had my second RevFit workout this morning.  We did upper body.  Somehow I was expecting today to be easier than Tuesday, but it wasn’t.  To start, I was still sore in my legs and butt from Tuesday.  Christina described it as the kind of soreness that makes it hard to sit on the toilet.  Not hard to stay there but hard to get there!  And she was right.  The squatting movement has been killer on my legs since our first session.  But today, the warmup helped dissipate some of that soreness in my legs.  Then we killed my arms.  We did pushups and more kettle bell work.  We did walking planks where I had to start bent at the waist, with my hands touching my toes.  Then I had to walk my hands forward into a plank.  Then I had to lower myself onto my forearms, get back up and walk back out of the plank.  Since it doesn’t require any equipment, I’ll be trying that one more at home.  It hurt.  We also did a lift with a 45 pound bar.  That’s the one that really killed me. I’m curious to see how sore my upper body will be tomorrow!

Part of the program is that they gave me a heart rate monitor that tracks calories burned.  During my session, I burned 374 calories.  Later today, I’ll be running, so I’m hopeful that means I’ll burn something in the neighborhood of 700 calories today.  I’d never though of workouts in terms of calories, but it makes sense to think of both food and exercise that way.  It helps that they require me to track intake in calories as well.  I remember my friend Jenny saying to me once that weight loss is not rocket science.  It’s simple math.  Good point, my friend.  I can do simple math.

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