Revelation Fitness Update 2.0

As of this morning (Tuesday of week 2), I am down 5 pounds.  It was touch and go last week on the weight issue.  At first my weight went up, but then it started going down and has been steadily going down these last few days.  I’m happy with the progress.  Super happy.  And I think there’s room for greater progress if I can manage my food intake a little better.  I’ve been good, but not perfect.  I can do better.

The tough part has been the workouts with Christina.  On Friday, she annihilated me during our third workout of the week.  I think part of the struggle was that we did the session at 10am, when it was hot, rather than at 5am, when there was no sun.  But I also think she just had me doing some difficult lifts and combination upper and lower body things that my body wasn’t used to.  The most difficult exercise for me was holding the kettle bell up to my chest and squatting down to a seated position on a bench and then getting back up into the standing position using only my legs.  I was still sore from earlier workouts, so every bit of stress on my thighs hurt like hell, both going down and going up!  By Friday afternoon, I could barely walk, which made me wonder how I was going to ride on Saturday.

On Saturday, I did the Luckenbach ride and, as I expected, I struggled through it (45 miles of hills) because of my left thigh, which still hurt like hell.  I wondered if I’d injured it, so after the ride, I visited the medical tent.  They told me to ice it and take some Ibuprofen, and that made all the difference.  By Saturday night, it felt much better.  So I don’t think it was an injury.  I think it was just wear and tear of the workouts with Christina. 

Sunday, I rested to let my leg recover.  Last night, I swam, again to let my leg fully recover.  This morning, I ran, and it felt pretty good.  I think by tomorrow, I should be at 100% again.

To recap, the program is working, Christina is working me hard, and I’m feeling good.  At this rate, I shouldn’t have any problem hitting my weight and body fat goals, but I can do better on the food intake.  And I will.

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