I love morning workouts.

I had two good workouts this morning.  First, I worked out with Christina.  We did a bunch with weights, but the part that really got me excited was that she challenged me to a 400 at the end of our hour together.  She said that I needed to do the 400 in less than 2 minutes or I would need to do 40 pushups.  Yesterday, I did 400s, mostly under two minutes on fresh legs.  After a workout, I wasn’t sure how it would go.  But I ran hard and did my 400 in 1:50, which is four seconds faster than my fastest 400 of yesterday!  It’s amazing what the threat of pushups can accomplish!  Then, after about a 15 minute break, Jenny and I ran four miles together.  I felt pretty strong, never really struggling.  I’m so thankful that Jenny is willing to run with me early in the mornings.  The few times I’ve tried running without her, I’ve struggled.  But with her, it feels so much easier.  Good company is worth bunches, especially early in the morning!

Ups and downs.

After a rough couple of days, things are looking up. 

On Monday, I got sick in the office.  I couldn’t keep any food down, and it all ended up in my office trashcan because the dizziness and nausea was too sudden for me to make it to the bathroom.  Gross, I know.  I stayed late to apologize to the cleaning crew. 

I think it was from the meat substitute I had been eating — a product that markets itself as fungus based, which I took to mean mushroom based, but it turns out that while a mushroom is a fungus, a fungus is not necessarily a mushroom.  So no more of that “food” for me.  I felt horrible.  Thanks to the help of two wonderful women in my office, I got a little pretzel and Jamba Juice in me. I slept through my next morning’s workouts, and by about lunchtime on Tuesday, I was feeling myself again.  Lesson learned: research research research when trying a new meat substitute.  Had I researched, I quickly would have found much information on concerns and lawsuits and people getting sick.  But I didn’t.  I saw it.  I tried it.  I liked it.  I ate it.  I won’t make that mistake again.  Now, with Christina’s help, I need to find a different protein source so I can keep up my high protein plan.  Thoughts, anyone?

So yesterday was an “off” day both in terms of how I felt and my workouts.  But today, this morning, I did a track workout.  I ran four 400s and then did some strength work.  My splits on the 400s were 2:04, 1:54, 1:54, and 1:59.  I was aiming for 2:00 or less, so that’s pretty good.  But 6 or 8 of them would have been tough for me to do, and the thought of going from a 400 to an 800 terrifies me.  I don’t think I could sustain that speed for an 800.  I think I’ll repeat this 400 workout a time or before trying the 800s. 

Tonight, I get to run with Poppe.  I’ve seen her a couple of time at Icenhauer’s, this great new bar on Rainey Street that her family started, but I haven’t had a chance to just sit and visit with her to see how she’s doing, how her birthday was and what’s going on in her world.  That’s what we’re doing tonight.  We’ll run and then grab dinner.  It’ll be fun, though I need to figure out where to go so I can eat well.

Weight-wise, I’m still at 130 this morning.  I saw a slight drop yesterday, but I know that was because of what happened on Monday, so I’m confident at 130 that I’m still doing the right things and will see another two pound drop this week.  I’ve got four and a half weeks left.  I’ll get there.  I keep looking at the Reveals posted on the Facebook page for Revelation Fitness.  Need a little inspiration? There are lots of great photos, but my personal favorites are Reveal No. 91 and Reveal No. 76.  Talk about results.

This morning, I’m happy to be feeling better.  I’m happy to have gotten a good workout in already.  I’m happy to have another workout planned this evening.  And I’m happy to be a part of a program that gives me a solid plan for success.  It’s been a rough couple of days, but things are definitely looking up.

Revelation Fitness 7.0

Three very cool things happened this morning.

First, I stepped onto the scale, and it read 130!  Last week, I was hovering at 132, and we modified my diet, aiming for a two-pound-per-week loss for the next six weeks.  And sure enough, I’m now down 2 pounds! With five weeks left, I expect to blow past my original goal of 124 and reach my new goal of 120.  For me, it’s more about the diet than anything.  Christina gave me a very specific meal plan that is high in protein.  It’s a different way of eating than I’m used to.  We’ve even put eggs back into my diet.  That was a big step for me after years of no meat or eggs.  But my logic and what I tell myself to get over that mental hurdle is that big goals require big things of me.  And everything I’m doing with this program is a big goal – a big, worthwhile, wouldn’t want it any other way, no turning back goal.

Second, I stepped outside, and it was 60 degrees!  In Texas!  For a second, I thought I had woken up in Canada or Portland, but I was at home! Thankfully I had a long-sleeved shirt in my car, so I was able to stay warm during my session with Christina.  I love fall weather.  This weather gives me hope.

Third, I stepped onto the trail to run 3 miles after my session with Christina, and I ended up running 4!  This is a big deal because my workouts are largely head games.  If I mentally prepare for 3 miles, I can’t do a step more.  As Erin saw this weekend, if I mentally prepare to ride 70 miles and a turn arrow blows away and we miss the turn and end up extending our ride to 78 miles, those last 8 are harder for me than the original 70 because I had mentally prepared for 70 miles.  So this morning, when I hit the foot bridge that was the turnaround for the 3 mile run, I surprised myself by thinking I should run past it and go one mile longer than I was intending.  So I did.  And it felt good.  Strong even.

Happy Monday to me.  And you too!

Intervals round 2; the pride continues.

I did a workout with Christina this morning.  We did mostly upper body, and it was tough.  Then I did a track workout, repeating the same 200 intervals we did on Tuesday.  Check out these times:

(1) 0:56
(2) 0:58
(3) 0:59
(4) 1:00
(5) 1:00
(6) 0:56
(7) 0:57
(8) 0:54

Remember that cheer from middle school?  “We’re bad.  We know it.  We came out here to show it.  And what you see is what you get and you ain’t seen nothing yet.”  Ring a bell?  I used to sing it with my basketball team in the school bus as we pulled into whatever school we were playing that day.

Well, that’s what I thought of today as I was running.  I’m bad.  I know it…

I’m feeling a bit proud this morning.

Christina and I did intervals this morning.  I told her that I’d love to be able to sustain an 11 minute mile, so we broke that down to 1 minute and 23 seconds per 200 and used that as our goal pace for a 200 interval workout.  We did a two-lap warmup.  Then we did eight laps where we sprinted the first 200 and then jogged the rest of the lap.  Then we cooled down a lap.  Here are my times for the 8 200s that I sprinted.  Remember, we were shooting for 1:23.

1.  1:08
2.  1:14
3.  1:09
4.  1:07
5.  1:07
6.  1:07
7.  1:05
8.  0:55

Fifty five seconds on the last one!  Of course, I was going all out because I knew I’d be resting after that, but still!  I didn’t know I had a 55 second 200 in me!  Maybe if I keep training intervals, I’ll find that I have at least one 8 minute mile in me.  How cool would that be?

Then to make the morning even better, after my workout with Christina, I did the 4 mile loop on Lady Bird Lake.  It was a bit of a run/walk rather than a full-on run. I think I struggled a bit because it was dark, because I was running alone and because my legs were jello, but I did it and burned another 350 calories. 

Twelve pounds in 6 weeks.  One step at a time, I will get there.  And maybe, just maybe, I’ll pick up a little speed along the way!

I want it.

I read this blog posting tonight and realized that I haven’t done everything I can do to make sure my twelve week Revelation Fitness experience is a success. Read this: http://keithoutlaw.blogspot.com/2010/09/i-wish-i-could-but-i-cant.html.  And check out the website for Revelation Fitness:  http://www.revelationfit.com///.

I haven’t publicized my plans. So here goes.

I signed up for Revelation Fitness this summer primarily because I was working out tons training for Ironman Canada but I was gaining, rather than losing weight. At 5’2″, my weight peaked at 140 a few months ago. That’s way way way too much for me. I was heavy and unhappy about it and decided to take action.  I started out by looking at my nutrition and getting some really great help with that, but then I realized that trying to lose the weight on my own wasn’t the best thing for me.  I need encouragement.  I needed a community.  I know that about myself.  So when I saw my friend Matt’s “after” photos with Revelation Fitness on Facebook, I got excited.  He looked awesome after his twelve week program, so I called Mariah and jumped in.

The program calls for major goal setting, three training sessions a week, a daily food log, nutrition oversight, weekly photos and measurements and lots and lots of accountability.  I need lots and lots of accountability.  When I started this program, I built my vision board, listed out my goals and told a handful of family members and friends what I was doing. The program is working for me, but today, the stakes were raised, and I’m reaching out past my original network of support for more help.  That’s where you come in.

I’m six weeks in, eight pounds down, with a lot of work still ahead of me. My original plan was to lose 16 pounds and get down from 20 to 10% bodyfat in twelve weeks. Now I have been challenged by two coaches, Christina and Mariah, to blow past my original goal before my 12 weeks are up. In my head, that means I need to lose eight pounds in the next four weeks. How do I do that? I follow a strict diet that Christina will help me with. And I workout. A lot. Want to run, ride, swim, do yoga, hike or walk the lake? Then I’m your girl.

I invite you to ask me how I’m doing.  Ask me about my nutrition and my workouts.  Don’t tell me it’s okay to cheat.  Don’t tell me that it’s okay to skip a workout.  Don’t tell me that I can blow it today and make it up tomorrow.  I have six weeks left.  Tell me that I can be strong for six weeks and that I can accomplish my goals.  Tell me that I will not regret working out and eating well.  Remind me how great it will feel to cross this particular finish line successfully. 

I have never been someone who is comfortable in my own skin. I want to be comfortable.  I want to be lean, strong and proud.  

Six weeks.  That’s all I’ve got left.  I want it.

Revelation Fitness 6.0

So I realize that I didn’t post a 3.0 or 4.0 or 5.0, but I’m in week six and thought it made since for my week six update to be 6.0.  So here goes.

I’m down 8 pounds and getting lots of compliments on my weight loss, including one yesterday from my hair stylist.  I walked in the door and, almost even before she said hello, she said, “You’ve lost weight!”  What a feeling that was.  Reactions like hers are huge motivators.

Yesterday, I was motivated to do two workouts with Revelation Fitness.  I started the morning at 7:00 a.m. with my trainer, Christina.  She made me do dead lifts, box jumps, pushups, sprints…and that’s just what I remember.  Then I took an hour long break, during which I drank some Muscle Milk, and then I went to a Community Workout.  We did what Mariah calls a Spartan 300.

25 pull-ups
50 deadlifts
50 push-ups
50 box jumps
50 “floor wipers”
50 “clean and press”
25 more pull-ups — for a total of 300 reps.

The workout was timed.  I think mine ended up being about 27 minutes.  It was a tough workout for me.  I struggled through it and made it, thanks to a little help from my new friends.  There were about 12 of us there.  One woman whose name, I believe, was Nicole helped me with the floor wipers and the pullups.  She was done with her workout and was cheering me through mine and spotting me to help get through the exercises.  She really was awesome to take the time to care about me.  I owe her a big thank you the next time I see her.
What inspired me most during that workout was seeing Mariah in action.  See http://revelationfit.blogspot.com/ for info on Mariah.  She powered through the workout in 18 minutes!  I was in awe, especially because she did real pullups.  Real pullups.  That’s one of my goals!  It was awesome to see such a strong woman right in front of my eyes.  And the really cool part is that she looks beautiful.  She’s strong but not overly muscular.  Seeing her work out convinces me that I can look the way I want and be as strong as I want. 

Mariah also has challenged me to blow past my goal weight before my twelve weeks are up. Lesson learned: don’t trash talk Mariah unless you plan to deliver!  With Christina’s help, I’ll get there.  I’m sure of it.

Ironman Canada? Done.

Oh Canada.  What an experience.  I had a fabulous swim, a bit faster than my swim at Coeur d’Alene.  Then I got on the bike, hoping to improve my time by about an hour from Coeur d’Alene.  That didn’t happen.  I faced rain and painful winds and hills that felt much larger and longer than they originally looked.  But I did make the 5:30 cutoff by about 20 minutes.  Thank goodness!  Then it came time for the run.  This particular run was heavy on the walking side.  I struggled with nutrition on the run and ended up not eating anything the last three hours.  So I was depleted, but I continued to put one foot in front of the other, walking a lot and jogging when I could, and eventually, I crossed the finish line.  It was 11:52 pm when I did, so I finished in official time with only 8 minutes to spare.  That was close!  Too close, if you ask me.  But it was still a thrill to cross that line and remind myself that there isn’t anything I can’t do.  Everything is within reach if I put my mind to it!

So now, I’m putting my mind to St. George.  I have to ride all winter, multiple times a week, if I want to finish St. George.  It’s a challenging bike ride, and my body needs to be up to the task so that I finish the ride with plenty of time to tackle the challenging run course.  Twenty minutes before cutoff will not do.  I need at least an hour.  So friends, join me on the bike this winter.  That’s where you’ll find me.  Oh St. George.

Oh, and please feel free to call me a two-time Ironman.  I like the sound of that!