I want it.

I read this blog posting tonight and realized that I haven’t done everything I can do to make sure my twelve week Revelation Fitness experience is a success. Read this: http://keithoutlaw.blogspot.com/2010/09/i-wish-i-could-but-i-cant.html.  And check out the website for Revelation Fitness:  http://www.revelationfit.com///.

I haven’t publicized my plans. So here goes.

I signed up for Revelation Fitness this summer primarily because I was working out tons training for Ironman Canada but I was gaining, rather than losing weight. At 5’2″, my weight peaked at 140 a few months ago. That’s way way way too much for me. I was heavy and unhappy about it and decided to take action.  I started out by looking at my nutrition and getting some really great help with that, but then I realized that trying to lose the weight on my own wasn’t the best thing for me.  I need encouragement.  I needed a community.  I know that about myself.  So when I saw my friend Matt’s “after” photos with Revelation Fitness on Facebook, I got excited.  He looked awesome after his twelve week program, so I called Mariah and jumped in.

The program calls for major goal setting, three training sessions a week, a daily food log, nutrition oversight, weekly photos and measurements and lots and lots of accountability.  I need lots and lots of accountability.  When I started this program, I built my vision board, listed out my goals and told a handful of family members and friends what I was doing. The program is working for me, but today, the stakes were raised, and I’m reaching out past my original network of support for more help.  That’s where you come in.

I’m six weeks in, eight pounds down, with a lot of work still ahead of me. My original plan was to lose 16 pounds and get down from 20 to 10% bodyfat in twelve weeks. Now I have been challenged by two coaches, Christina and Mariah, to blow past my original goal before my 12 weeks are up. In my head, that means I need to lose eight pounds in the next four weeks. How do I do that? I follow a strict diet that Christina will help me with. And I workout. A lot. Want to run, ride, swim, do yoga, hike or walk the lake? Then I’m your girl.

I invite you to ask me how I’m doing.  Ask me about my nutrition and my workouts.  Don’t tell me it’s okay to cheat.  Don’t tell me that it’s okay to skip a workout.  Don’t tell me that I can blow it today and make it up tomorrow.  I have six weeks left.  Tell me that I can be strong for six weeks and that I can accomplish my goals.  Tell me that I will not regret working out and eating well.  Remind me how great it will feel to cross this particular finish line successfully. 

I have never been someone who is comfortable in my own skin. I want to be comfortable.  I want to be lean, strong and proud.  

Six weeks.  That’s all I’ve got left.  I want it.

2 thoughts on “I want it.

  1. Wonderful and inspiring. I have every reason to believe that not only you will achieve your goal, but you will do it with joy. well done so far, don't forget that, you have a lot of reasons to trust yourself. keep marching on and we will look forward to your next post.

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