Revelation Fitness 6.0

So I realize that I didn’t post a 3.0 or 4.0 or 5.0, but I’m in week six and thought it made since for my week six update to be 6.0.  So here goes.

I’m down 8 pounds and getting lots of compliments on my weight loss, including one yesterday from my hair stylist.  I walked in the door and, almost even before she said hello, she said, “You’ve lost weight!”  What a feeling that was.  Reactions like hers are huge motivators.

Yesterday, I was motivated to do two workouts with Revelation Fitness.  I started the morning at 7:00 a.m. with my trainer, Christina.  She made me do dead lifts, box jumps, pushups, sprints…and that’s just what I remember.  Then I took an hour long break, during which I drank some Muscle Milk, and then I went to a Community Workout.  We did what Mariah calls a Spartan 300.

25 pull-ups
50 deadlifts
50 push-ups
50 box jumps
50 “floor wipers”
50 “clean and press”
25 more pull-ups — for a total of 300 reps.

The workout was timed.  I think mine ended up being about 27 minutes.  It was a tough workout for me.  I struggled through it and made it, thanks to a little help from my new friends.  There were about 12 of us there.  One woman whose name, I believe, was Nicole helped me with the floor wipers and the pullups.  She was done with her workout and was cheering me through mine and spotting me to help get through the exercises.  She really was awesome to take the time to care about me.  I owe her a big thank you the next time I see her.
What inspired me most during that workout was seeing Mariah in action.  See for info on Mariah.  She powered through the workout in 18 minutes!  I was in awe, especially because she did real pullups.  Real pullups.  That’s one of my goals!  It was awesome to see such a strong woman right in front of my eyes.  And the really cool part is that she looks beautiful.  She’s strong but not overly muscular.  Seeing her work out convinces me that I can look the way I want and be as strong as I want. 

Mariah also has challenged me to blow past my goal weight before my twelve weeks are up. Lesson learned: don’t trash talk Mariah unless you plan to deliver!  With Christina’s help, I’ll get there.  I’m sure of it.

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