I’m feeling a bit proud this morning.

Christina and I did intervals this morning.  I told her that I’d love to be able to sustain an 11 minute mile, so we broke that down to 1 minute and 23 seconds per 200 and used that as our goal pace for a 200 interval workout.  We did a two-lap warmup.  Then we did eight laps where we sprinted the first 200 and then jogged the rest of the lap.  Then we cooled down a lap.  Here are my times for the 8 200s that I sprinted.  Remember, we were shooting for 1:23.

1.  1:08
2.  1:14
3.  1:09
4.  1:07
5.  1:07
6.  1:07
7.  1:05
8.  0:55

Fifty five seconds on the last one!  Of course, I was going all out because I knew I’d be resting after that, but still!  I didn’t know I had a 55 second 200 in me!  Maybe if I keep training intervals, I’ll find that I have at least one 8 minute mile in me.  How cool would that be?

Then to make the morning even better, after my workout with Christina, I did the 4 mile loop on Lady Bird Lake.  It was a bit of a run/walk rather than a full-on run. I think I struggled a bit because it was dark, because I was running alone and because my legs were jello, but I did it and burned another 350 calories. 

Twelve pounds in 6 weeks.  One step at a time, I will get there.  And maybe, just maybe, I’ll pick up a little speed along the way!

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