I love morning workouts.

I had two good workouts this morning.  First, I worked out with Christina.  We did a bunch with weights, but the part that really got me excited was that she challenged me to a 400 at the end of our hour together.  She said that I needed to do the 400 in less than 2 minutes or I would need to do 40 pushups.  Yesterday, I did 400s, mostly under two minutes on fresh legs.  After a workout, I wasn’t sure how it would go.  But I ran hard and did my 400 in 1:50, which is four seconds faster than my fastest 400 of yesterday!  It’s amazing what the threat of pushups can accomplish!  Then, after about a 15 minute break, Jenny and I ran four miles together.  I felt pretty strong, never really struggling.  I’m so thankful that Jenny is willing to run with me early in the mornings.  The few times I’ve tried running without her, I’ve struggled.  But with her, it feels so much easier.  Good company is worth bunches, especially early in the morning!

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