Revelation Fitness 12.0

Two great things happened this morning.

First, I did a track workout with Christina. We did four 800s. My times were 4:07, 4:12, 4:14, and 4:08. My fastest 800 this season has been a 4:03, so I wasn’t the fastest I’ve ever been, but it felt really good. I was working hard but not dying. That I did four straight at a sub 8:30 pace gives me a new vision of what I might be able to do for an actual mile. It’s exciting stuff.

Second, I weighed in at 125 pounds. My 12 program ends this week. My goal originally was 124. Can I get there by the weekend? I think so. I’ve lost 15 pounds in just under 12 weeks. I’ve learned a ton about how to eat. I’ve learned a ton about how to develop and define muscles. Most importantly, I’ve redefined what’s “possible” in my world. And it’s not over. I can do more. Stay tuned for my final report on this program and my goals and the plan for going forward.

Revelation Fitness 11.0

This morning I weighed in at 127 pounds.  I have ten days left in my twelve week challenge, and I’m three pounds from my original goal.  I’d still like to exceed my original goal.  Is that possible?  I think so.  My body is responding to how I’m eating, and I have lots of plans to workout.  Here’s the plan for the next three days:

Friday: (1) 45 minute spin on trainer, (2) a session with Christina
Saturday: (1) 4 mile run, (2) RevFit community workout, (3) 60 minute spin on trainer
Sunday: (1) 60 minute spin on trainer, (2) 2 hour run, (3) 30 minute easy swim

That’s a lot of exercise.  I’m ready for it because I’ve had a light week this week for various reasons.  Today, for example, I did a three mile run and nothing else.  It was a good run with a good friend, but my body craves more.  I’m ready for the three days I’ve got planned.

As I near the end of this thing, I’m appreciative.  I like what I’ve learned about how to eat better.  I like the strength I’ve developed.  I like the weight I’ve lost.  I like the compliments I’m getting.  Did I mention the compliments?  I really like the compliments.  I love the compliments.

There’s no way I am going back to being a 140 pounder.  Not. Gonna. Happen.

Track workout = Great morning.

I met Christina this morning for my track workout.  Here are the results:

200 – 0:55
200 – 0:56
400 – 1:51
800 – 4:03
400 – 2:00
200 – 0:58
200 – 0:56

I’m really pleased, especially because my body was still tired and sore from my two workouts with Christina yesterday and my workout and run from the day before.  I’m eager to try this workout again on fresh legs!

Revelation Fitness 9.0

So I’m in Week 10.  I thought I was in Week 9, but I’m in Week 10!  Yikes!  That means I have one week less than I thought to accomplish my goals.  That’s not good news.  The good news is that I not only dropped back down to 129, I also dropped below it!  I’m 128.5 right now.  (Disclaimer: as I explained to Christina, I don’t have a digital scale, so I’m either a whole number or a half number.  Right now, I’m below 129 but above 128, so that’s why I say 128.5.)  I want to finish at 120, so I’m going hard core these last few weeks.  That means high protein and two- or three-a-days.  I’m doing really well on the workouts, but I need to improve the diet.  Like today, I was so busy that I ate only once until dinner.  That’s not the plan.  I need to get solid on my food plan.  Like now.

I’ve been doing really well running.  Christina has had me doing track workouts.  Last week, I did 800s.  My times were 4:03, 4:09, 4:15 and 4:14.  I was shooting for 4:00, so I didn’t make that goal, but I’m still pretty pleased with my times.  I’m faster than I thought, and if I keep doing the track workouts, I will only get faster.  Tomorrow, Christina and I are doing another track workout.  We’re doing a pyramid of sorts: 200, 200, 400, 800, 400, 200, 200.  I’m looking forward to it.

Oh, and did I mention that one of my friends who only sees me once a week told me today that I now officially qualify as “thin”?  Made my day.  I think I still have plenty to lose, but I’ll take those compliments and run track workouts with them!

The scale went the wrong direction!

This morning I weighed in at 130.  Huh?  What?  The scale is supposed to go down, not up!  What happened?  I don’t know.  I didn’t exceed calories.  I haven’t worked out as much these last two days, but is that enough for my scale to rise?  I don’t know.  I probably shouldn’t flip out about it, but it does concern me a bit.  I’m thankful I have three workouts scheduled for today.  I ran this morning with Jenny.  I’m meeting Kerry after work to run, and I need to do a track workout on my own.  I’m in the middle of week eight, so I have just over four weeks left, and I still want to hit 120.  Every step and every bite will count.  Eat every three hours.  Have protein with each meal.  And exercise.  Am I missing anything?

Behold the salmon-colored pants.

Today, I offer a photo.  It’s not a great one, but it’s a significant one.

See those pants?  I bought them circa 2005 and haven’t fit into them since…since I don’t even know when.  But this morning, I put them on, and they were loose!  That explains the goofy smile and the awkward self portrait.

I’m down 11 pounds with 9 more to go.  I’ve still got lots of work to do, especially on figuring out how to up my protein these days.  But I’m encouraged.  My program is working.  I’m wearing my salmon-colored pants again!

Congratulations, Nicole.

So back on September 19, I wrote about a Spartan 300 workout and a woman who helped me through it.  See  It turns out that the woman who encouraged me through that workout just finished her own 12 week Revelation Fitness program and is now going to be a coach.  See her photos and blog at

It does not surprise me even a little that she is now a coach.  She was a natural encourager.  She was spirited and generous and committed to seeing me through my rough patches in that workout.  Friends, if you know people in Chicago who want to make big changes in their fitness, call Revelation Fitness and ask for Nicole.

Congratulations to you, Nicole.  You look amazing, and you are going to be an amazing coach.  I will be cheering for you from Austin.