Revelation Fitness 11.0

This morning I weighed in at 127 pounds.  I have ten days left in my twelve week challenge, and I’m three pounds from my original goal.  I’d still like to exceed my original goal.  Is that possible?  I think so.  My body is responding to how I’m eating, and I have lots of plans to workout.  Here’s the plan for the next three days:

Friday: (1) 45 minute spin on trainer, (2) a session with Christina
Saturday: (1) 4 mile run, (2) RevFit community workout, (3) 60 minute spin on trainer
Sunday: (1) 60 minute spin on trainer, (2) 2 hour run, (3) 30 minute easy swim

That’s a lot of exercise.  I’m ready for it because I’ve had a light week this week for various reasons.  Today, for example, I did a three mile run and nothing else.  It was a good run with a good friend, but my body craves more.  I’m ready for the three days I’ve got planned.

As I near the end of this thing, I’m appreciative.  I like what I’ve learned about how to eat better.  I like the strength I’ve developed.  I like the weight I’ve lost.  I like the compliments I’m getting.  Did I mention the compliments?  I really like the compliments.  I love the compliments.

There’s no way I am going back to being a 140 pounder.  Not. Gonna. Happen.

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