Revelation Fitness 12.0

Two great things happened this morning.

First, I did a track workout with Christina. We did four 800s. My times were 4:07, 4:12, 4:14, and 4:08. My fastest 800 this season has been a 4:03, so I wasn’t the fastest I’ve ever been, but it felt really good. I was working hard but not dying. That I did four straight at a sub 8:30 pace gives me a new vision of what I might be able to do for an actual mile. It’s exciting stuff.

Second, I weighed in at 125 pounds. My 12 program ends this week. My goal originally was 124. Can I get there by the weekend? I think so. I’ve lost 15 pounds in just under 12 weeks. I’ve learned a ton about how to eat. I’ve learned a ton about how to develop and define muscles. Most importantly, I’ve redefined what’s “possible” in my world. And it’s not over. I can do more. Stay tuned for my final report on this program and my goals and the plan for going forward.

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