RevFit Wrap Up – NYC Update – and More!

Things have spun a tad out of control these last few weeks.  I say “things.”  I mean work.  It’s been really good but really really busy.  It’s still busy, but my work is in someone else’s hands for the moment, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to write some of the non-work stuff that’s been going on.

First, Revelation Fitness.  I finished my program at the end of October.  Technically, I consider Halloween Sunday to have been the end of it, and on that day, I was at 124.5 pounds.  My original goal was 124, so I was half a pound off, but I hit my goal on the next Tuesday, which was huge for me.  To get my weight down from 140 to 124 in just over twelve weeks means a lot to me.  Lots of people are commenting on my weight loss.  My clothes fit differently or don’t fit at all!  And, most importantly, I feel great.  I loved this program for showing me that I can take charge of my weight and for giving me the education to do it. 

Second, the New York City Marathon.  The weekend after my program ended, I went to NYC to run my first-ever New York City Marathon. It took me four applications into the lottery to get into this race.  Translate:  I waited four years to run this thing!  And it was worth every moment of the wait.  Before the race, Erin and I were talking about goal times, and I mentioned that I’d love to break 5 hours.  It sounded absurb at the time because my last marathon, which was the Austin Marathon in February of this year, was nearly 6 hours. Still, Erin is a believer in goals and plans, so she calculated the pace we would need to break five hours and off we went.  We ran the entire thing together, and, for the first 20 miles, we were on pace to break 5 hours.  I couldn’t believe it!  She was really pushing me and keeping me moving.  She didn’t let me walk at all, except through water stops, which was huge for me.  I have always walked a bit during my marathons. We almost had it, but I slowed down a bit the last six miles, and we ended up getting 5 hours and 12 minutes, which was still 44 minutes faster than what I’d run in Austin!  I was thrilled! I know that success had everything to do with losing weight, doing speed workouts with Christina and on my own, and having Erin as a pacer during the race.  I am now a believer that I can break five hours and aim to do so in the Austin Marathon in February 2011.

So now what?  With Revelation Fitness and the NYC Marathon completed, what am I doing? I need goals.  New goals.  Bigger goals.  Seemingly impossible goals.  I think of my favorite Einstein quote, which is, “If it first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.”  So here it goes:

(1) By the end of January, weigh 115 pounds.  That would take me back to what I weighed at 16 when I was playng tennis like a madwoman.  Though I thought I was huge at the time (because all my friends were string beans), I was actually really lean!  And yes, this means getting through the holidays on a regimen.  It doesn’t mean totally depriving myself.  It just means being careful and making sure I exercise a bit more to account for some of the yummy goodness I intend to consume.

(2) Break five hours in the Austin Marathon on February 20, 2011. If I can keep up the track workouts and keep running with Jenny and Poppe (and anyone else willing to run with me) on a regular basis, I think this is totally doable. 

(3) Finish Ironman St. George on May 7 in under 16 hours.  I’ve heard St. George is tough.  I have yet to break 16 hours and 30 minutes in an Ironman, so both finishing and breaking 16 hours would be a huge accomplishment for me on such a difficult course.  How am I going to do that?  See goals (1) and (2) above, and add to it that I’ll be pedaling all winter!

So that’s it from me.  Thank you, RevFit and especially Christina.  Thank you, Erin. These last few months have been so much fun, but I’m not done.  I’m just getting started!