Road Ramblings.

This week, over the course of two days, I travelled more than 1300 miles and never left Texas. I drove from Dripping Springs to Abilene to Floydada to Shamrock to Amarillo to Burkburnett to Decatur to Fort Worth to Austin and back to Dripping Springs.  On the one hand, it felt like far more time in the car than any one person should spend.  On the other hand, the extended time in the car helped me appreciate the vastness and variety that Texas has to offer. 

I learned some things on this trip:

  1. In some parts, “in Muncy between Floydada and Lockney on U.S. 70” is as specific as an address gets.
  2. Turkey, Texas, is the home of a large Bob Wills music festival.
  3. Shamrock, Texas, is the home of a historic Conoco tower.
  4. Dogs, like people, can be disarmed with kindness.
  5. Archipelago Botanicals makes an awesome mint hand creme.
  6. These days, cars are being made without gas caps.
  7. Kara DioGuardi can hold her own with Howard Stern.
  8. When suddenly faced with an unexpected car ride that will last longer than a cell phone battery, it makes more sense to buy a car charger than to stop periodically at Starbucks for a grande mocha and a charge.
  9. If a Hertz Gold member rents a car, the driver need not pay any toll charges anywhere in the state.
  10. One phone call, and Mom and Dad will turn up anywhere I need them.

Random, I know.  One more good night’s sleep, and I should be fully recovered and back to regular working order. 

3 thoughts on “Road Ramblings.

  1. My friend Patrick and I were walking/jogging through Shamrock and came across a number of dogs. None of them were happy to see us! That led to Patrick telling me about a "mean" neighbor dog from his childhood that he disarmed with sweetness. Patrick is working on a speech about that and how people can be won over too. The message is that sometimes the unkind are unkind because they haven't received kindness to know how to give it. I'll invite you when he delivers that speech!

  2. That would be great – thank you! And yes, a wise person once told me, "You get more flies with honey." Kill 'em with kindness! 🙂

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