Risky Business?

Yesterday, I met up briefly with my friend Erin because I needed a little pep talk. I’ve had a lot on my mind, and she’s a big doer.  When she heard I was down, she immediately suggested we get together, and I immediately took her up on it because I always leave her more energized than when I arrived. 

Erin’s quite a bit younger than I am, but she’s focused and diligent and amazingly accomplished in business, among other things.  She just thinks a little differently than anyone else I know.  I take that back.  She thinks a lot differently than anyone else I know.

Yesterday, when we were talking about some of the decisions I’m facing, we ran head on into my risk averse nature.  I am typical woman in that I crave security.  I need stability and certainty, and I need to know what tomorrow holds, so much so that I sometimes squelch the life right out of it.  I plan and chart and manage my life…sometimes to a sickening degree.  (That’s me talking.  Not Erin.  She’s much kinder than that.)

Erin challenged me to work on taking risks.  She challenged me to start small.  What risky thing can I try that isn’t go broke sort of risky?  How can I step out of my comfort zone just a little bit?  When she asked  those questions, I realized that I had absolutely no answers.  I’m so risk averse that I can’t even think of small risky things to do.  My mind just doesn’t seem to want to go there, but I think it needs to do just that.  I need it to do just that.

So that’s my challenge to myself: to find little risks I can take while I work (in my methodical, planned, and managed way) towards being more willing to take risks. 

Any ideas?

4 thoughts on “Risky Business?

  1. Way back in the day when I attempted to sell Mary Kay, one of the things that was stressed was to do one IPA (Income-Producing Activity) a day. Rearranging inventory or listening to a motivational CD didn't count. Blocking out an hour to make customer calls and then picking up the phone or holding a class did count. If you did seven things a week that would make you money, then they would eventually snowball and you'd make a habit of excellence. For you, I would determine what are "IPAs" for what you want to achieve. If it's writing, is it a certain number of words a day (maybe a #1K1hr every day?) or a certain number of submissions. And then maybe you have a second tier, like researching agents or contests or attending a monthly writers' group meeting or critique group. This way you can indulge your need to write things down and check them off and be orderly with following your passion.Make any sense?

  2. Kristen – Makes lots of sense. I like the concept of an IPA and I do consider submissions risky business! I hadn't thought of that, but that's a wonderful effort for me. Thank you!

  3. Taline, I think of you as being so brave, which to me means you put yourself out there. You take on so much and accomplish so much! I really don't know how you do it! But what's on your list that scares you a bit but you know will make you grow???

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