The Power of a List.

I’ve been thinking about risk. What does risk mean to me?  When is risk a good idea?  How much is too much?  Is it ever really too much?  So far, I’ve got no real answers, but the stirring about that’s been going on in my mind has resulted in the development of a bucket list. 

I’ve been known to make a list or two.  I like the act of making a list, and I like the feeling of completing an item on a list.  To do lists.  Grocery lists.  Wish lists. Reading lists. Lists of things I need to return to people. Lists of people I’d like to reconnect with.  Lists of races I’d like to complete.  Lists of places I’d like to go.  I’ve made lists all my life.  Apparently, I even make lists of my lists.  So admittedly, I’m obsessed.  But I’ve never made a bucket list.  And tonight, that felt like a fun thing to do.

Taline’s Bucket List:

  1. Sell a screenplay.
  2. Write a song.
  3. Publish a book.
  4. Publish a book of poems.
  5. Do a reading at Book People.
  6. Do a reading at Powell’s.
  7. Have an article appear in O, The Oprah Magazine.
  8. Go to Enchanted Rock.
  9. Experience Wimbledon live.
  10. Go to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field with a true Cubs fan.
  11. Race Kona, even if I have to out age the competition to get there.
  12. Learn how to landscape.
  13. Get strong enough to do a pull-up.
  14. Do a Grand Canyon rim to rim hike. 
  15. Have dinner with Marion Winik.
  16. Have a drink with Richard Linklater.
  17. Have coffee with Ralph Macchio.
  18. Travel to Europe with no planned return date.
  19. Visit Tehran.
  20. Meet all of my uncles.
  21. Go back to school.
  22. Become a Hilde Girl.
  23. Join a roller derby team.
  24. Learn to ice skate well.
  25. Bike Ireland.
  26. Do Burning Man.
  27. Live a car-less lifestyle.
  28. Live somewhere other than Texas.
  29. Take an improv class.
  30. Become a Distinguished Toastmaster.
  31. Learn to quilt.
  32. Learn to do a back walkover.
  33. Take my niece to Hawaii.
  34. Set foot in each of the 50 states.
  35. Do 365 days straight of Bikram.

That’s a start.  I’m sure I’ll think of more and supplement this list at some point in the future.

Funny, I was feeling a tad grumpy when I started this list.  I’m less grumpy now. A list can do that, you know.

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