The Best Battle.

Despite swearing again and again that I would never watch reality shows of any kind, I’ve become hooked on The Voice.   Weeks ago, the coaches started the “battle” rounds, pitting teammates against one another for a spot on the live show.  The best battle I’ve seen occurred the first battle night between two women named Vicci and Niki on Team Cee Lo.  I’ve been watching this particular battle again and again and again.

I love the song.  I love the way they work together and celebrate one another and their performance.  I love Vicci’s “war dance.”  I love Cee Lo’s description of the “gut wrenching effect” Vicci has on him. These two women sing with their whole selves.  I think that’s what really gets me.  They are all in. 

I can’t sing.  But these two women make me want to try.  They make me want to do what they do.  They make me want to chase my dreams.

Team Cee Lo.  I’m hooked.

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