The Happiness Project: Tasks

If you’ve been reading for the last month, you know that I’m working on a Happiness Project along the lines of Gretchen Rubin’s book.  I started out by writing my own commandments.  Then I came up with the categories of life that I want to improve.  For the last two weeks, I’ve been coming up with the specific tasks that I want to accomplish within each of those categories.  Maybe it’s the geeky list maker in me coming out, but I’ve enjoyed this whole process, especially this step.  I love me a good to do list!

Here is what I’d like to accomplish in the coming months:

Cleansing (June)

  • Do 10 days of the Master Cleanse (which I’ve done once before, so nobody freak out).
  • Empty cupboards of anything packaged or processed.
  • Reinstate a regular Bikram practice – three days a week.
  • Clean out and wash my car.
  • Go through (and likely toss) the contents of the last two boxes in my house that I failed to unpack.
  • Clean out my closet, including clothes, purses and shoes.
  • Clean out my t-shirt drawers, and donate extras to Open Arms.
  • Read through and recycle my magazine pile.

Health (July)

  • Maintain a practice of eating whole foods, allowing “junk” once a week.
  • Up my yoga practice to five days a week.
  • Swim, bike/spin or run five days a week, including one road ride each week.
  • Go to bed – lights out and TV off – by 10:30 on most nights.
  • Develop a mantra repeat to myself each morning while I’m getting ready for the day ahead.
  • Analyze how my “Taline dollars” are being spent.  Am I making time for myself? 

Faith (August)

  • Rediscover a morning routine of Bible study.
  • Start working through Simple Abundance.  (Thank you, Teri!)
  • Re-listen to recordings from Janet Conner’s Writing Down Your Soul workshop.
  • Re-read Blue Like Jazz and The Irresistable Revolution.
  • Join a small group study somewhere, preferably one that’s all women.
  • Write for one hour five nights a week.
  • Develop a set of goals for my writing for the rest of the year.

Finances (September),

  • Make a list of monthly expenses and trim them where appropriate.
  • Get a library card.  (Yes, book buying is a financial issue in my household.  Bread and Butter really need to get this under control.)
  • Meet with Robert about better managing my rewards accounts.
  • Develop a travel budget for 2012.
  • Meet with Amit to discuss my progress towards retirement savings.
  • Assess quantity and quality of donation dollars. 
  • Make one well-thought-out and highly indulgent purchase.

Attitude (October)

  • Speak positively to others and myself.
  • Look for ways to compliment myself, no matter what the circumstances.
  • Practice trusting my instincts (except when my instincts are to complain).
  • Send notes to family and friends.
  • Start writing my own 14000 Things To Be Happy About.
  • Re-listen to recordings from Janet Conner’s Plug In workshop.

Community (November) 

  • Assess quantity and quality of my involvement in groups, clubs and organizations. 
  • Plan trips to see three different friends who live out of town. 
  • Plan two trips to see aunts, uncles and cousins – a domestic trip and a foreign trip.
  • Schedule some sister nights.
  • Update my list of important dates, including birthdays and anniversaries.

Goals (December)

  • Look back at the goals I set for 2011 to see how I did.
  • Set goals for 2012, including goals for finances, writing, travel, and races.
  • Develop a race calendar for 2012.
  • Develop a list of writing contests to enter in 2012.
  • Celebrate my birthday and completing this project by purchasing a new computer. 

I love this list.  Now I’ve got a few days left to figure out how to chart my progress.  Then, come June 1, my Happiness Project will be underway!

4 thoughts on “The Happiness Project: Tasks

  1. Hi Taline, liked your particular details of your list for June, and I wondered, have you considered the time it will take to get all that done after work?!!!I love reading about your progress and wish you all the happiness you can get.

  2. Aunt Tanny, I am about ready to start a study through Max Lucado's Out Live Your Life. It sounds great, if you want to look at it. I really like your Cleaning list. I could certainly clean out some stuff too. Love you!-Armineh

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