A Birthday, A Race, Hot Texas Weather, and A Speech.

I’ve been out of writing commission for the last week.  I’m fresh off a weekend of travel and feeling a little scattered.  Let’s do some catching up.
My oldest sister, Caroline, had a birthday last week.  We got together Friday night to celebrate her, which was fun.  It had been a while since the entire family spent time together.  We ate tons of great food, which should surprise no one who knows my mom.   We also enjoyed the newest member of my sister’s family, Abby, pictured here with Caroline. 
Abby is a rescue pup whose circumstances in her prior life were less than ideal. My sister, Marline, had everything to do with choosing Abby, so we’re confident she’ll be a good pet.  (As we know from Marline’s history with Skylar and Bread, she picks good animals.)  Happy birthday, Caroline.  I hope the year brings you the kind of luck Abby had landing in your hands.
That was Friday.  Then Saturday morning, I flew to Portland to spend a weekend with Erin, who moved there from Austin about a year ago.  She’s doing a little thing called Ironman training.  This weekend, she did a little tune up race of the olympic distance, and she smoked it. It was a treat to be in the crowd cheering her on and watching her make it look effortless, despite having ridden 50 miles, including hill repeats, the day before.  Here she is looking fresh and happy after the race.
Erin took up triathlon a mere year ago.  I’m amazed at how well she’s doing, not just with racing, but with training.  Erin, I hope your Ironman experience, beginning to end, brings you the kind of joy you bring to those around you. 
After a wonderful weekend in the mild temperatures of the Pacific Northwest, I arrived back to Texas and faced this. 
Seriously? 106 in the middle of June? What does this mean for the rest of our summer? I’ll tell you what it means. It means 5 a.m. workouts and outrageous air conditioning bills. I think I’ll be spending the rest of the summer indoors, like I did tonight. At least that bodes well for my writing. 
Tonight, I’ve been working on a speech for a Toastmasters demo meeting on Thursday.  The title is, “A Bicyclist, A Baby, and the Young Couple From the High Desert.”  The subject matter stems from my weekend in Portland. I haven’t delivered a speech in a while.  I’m hopeful this one will be fun. 
Happy birthday.  Happy training.  Not so happy heat.  Hopefully happy speech.  That’s all for now.
Make it a good week.  I plan to. 

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