Feeling Giddy.

I’m juggling a few things right now.  I’m getting up early in the mornings to get back into my workout rhythm.  I’m working as a lawyer by day.  I’m launching a new business by night.  Somewhere in there, I get a little sleep when the felines let me.  I’m busier than I normally want to be.  In fact, I’d been making a point of trying to slow down and lessen my time commitments because I think we tend to be too busy in our lives.  Right now though, busy is a fact of my life.  Though I look forward to stepping back from this busy mode, there is nowhere else I’d like to be in this moment.

Tonight, I registered my domain name and started working on a website for my new business.  Doing that left me downright giddy.  I’m not far enough along yet to know when I’ll be able to launch the site and totally go public, but I’m hopeful that will happen within the next month.  It’s funny because the work is launched already.  But there is so much other “work” to be done to be officially functional.  I’m learning tons about small business administration, and I’m gaining a whole new appreciation for people who start their own businesses.  I cannot wait to tell you all about it and to talk about some of what I’ve learned.

For now though, I must tend to these little ones:

They make me take momentary pauses in all the activity.  Aren’t they funny?

2 thoughts on “Feeling Giddy.

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