Time Well Spent.

I spent time today with a young woman who started her own business and has been dealing with the kinds of issues that come up sometimes when people prove to be other than what you expected.  As a lawyer and as a person, I’ve seen it again and again.  Relationships – both professional and personal – end, sometimes most unexpectedly.  And sometimes the unexpectedness hurts more than the actual severance itself.

This woman has been fighting battles for a while now, but she’s on the downhill side.  She’s putting her attention on the things that matter to her, and she isn’t looking back, except to gain knowledge for the next round.

When we first started talking, I was a little anxious about the time because I needed to get into the office to get some stuff done.  But as we spoke, I realized more and more that I needed to pay close attention.  I realized that I was in one of those conversations that would stay with me for a long time.

As I listened to her, I saw so much of what I want in myself.  I saw a determination to move forward.  I saw a confidence that past successes would be repeated and exceeded.  I saw a peacefulness of spirit that comes with having treated others well, even when that courtesy may not have been returned.  I didn’t live her experience, but I can learn from her example.

I’m thankful for that example.  I’m thankful that, despite our schedules and all that we both have going on right now, we made the time to sit and talk.  For me, at least, it was time incredibly well spent.

3 thoughts on “Time Well Spent.

  1. Thanks for this post. I wish I had the "peacefulness of spirit that comes with having treated others well, even when that courtesy may not have been returned." I'm struggling in my business right now, and I feel like the battles I'm fighting keep mounting, like a steeper and steeper uphill ascent. Wish I could say I feel "a determination to move forward" and "a confidence that past successes will be repeated and exceeded."

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