Rick, the "Peanut Man."

I spent the weekend in Seattle.  Part of the weekend included an outing to a Mariners game. I was looking forward to the game for a variety of reasons, one of which was that I wanted to see Rick, the “Peanut Man,” in action at Safeco Field.  

I’m not a regular baseball fan and know little about the Mariners.  But earlier this year, I went to a spring training game in Phoenix and learned a little about Rick.  I learned then that he had been with the Mariners since 1977.  Selling peanuts, he made a name for himself among the fans and the team.  They touted the accuracy with which he tossed the peanut bags and the personality with which he won over adoring fans.  
This was Rick in March.

I liked what I saw of him because he reminded me that it’s most important to do something you love.  Do something you love, and do it well.  That’s success in my book.  And that was what I saw in Rick.
While I was walking into the Mariners game this weekend, I commented that I hoped to see Rick in action in his home field.  That’s when I learned that Rick died last Tuesday. 
I didn’t get to see him at Safeco Field, but I did see this tribute to him:

I also read the article about him written in the Seattle Times.  It opens, “Rick Kaminski, the beloved ‘Peanut Man’ at Safeco Field, died…”  The beloved Peanut Man.  The beloved Rick.
He did what he loved.  He did it well.  And he was beloved.  I admire that so much.  I hope the same can be said of me when one day.  
Rest in peace, Rick.

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